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Marketing is changing. The traditional toolkit of the marketer is no longer adequate to compete in today’s rapidly evolving world. With computer-based automation and artificial intelligence we are at a significant tipping point in marketing; one that will have significantly more impact than anything we have seen in the last 100 years.

Amplify the impact of your existing marketing content

Using the right marketing automation tools you can almost instantly multiply the impact and reach of your marketing content

Leverage the power of AI and marketing automation

AI tools are reshaping the marketing landscape. Transform your marketing with the power of data and machine learning.

Increase leads and optimize conversion

Audience analysis, segmentation, lead nurturing, and automation can create and manage a personalized customer journey

Generate Revenue the Smart Way

Spend time on the right prospects; align sales and marketing data and decisions to close more business.

Supercharge Your Business with Cutting-Edge Online Marketing

The world of Internet marketing has grown far beyond basic email campaigns and social media. Making your message heard online is like yelling into a hurricane, and it takes a specialist to help you stand out from the crowd.


Expert consultation using game-changing software automation tools can make your marketing strategy more efficient and effective, with dramatic results. Using the principles outlined in my book, Mastering Online Marketing, my consulting services help your company interact directly with high quality and engaged customers through an integrated and automated system of software tools.

Make the Internet Work for You

Your online marketing campaigns will run themselves using cutting-edge automation tools that generate quality traffic and leads around the clock. Compelling content and strategic outreach mean your company’s online presence catch the attention of potential customers and make them want more.

Using the latest on industry-leading platforms like HubSoft, InfusionSoft, and ActiveCampaign, my consulting services will give your company the edge it needs to compete online.

Attract More Qualified Visitors

Traffic is good, but the right traffic is essential. A focused marketing strategy brings valuable visitors to your site using relevant and targeted content. The right outreach attracts the right traffic, and tells your audience that your company can meet their needs. Your traffic will grow when your audience shares and interacts with your content, helping to spread the word to more qualified visitors. Learn to build a highly effective strategy to fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Optimize Lead Conversion

Understanding who your ideal customers are and what challenges they face is key to offering a compelling product. Aligning your marketing and sales teams means fewer leads are lost and more sales are closed. With the right tools, every aspect of your company’s outreach will attract valuable leads using finely tuned buyer profiles and targeted content. A clear conversion path makes it easy for leads to interact with your company, and gives your sales team tools and insights to nurture them through the sales funnel.

Generate Revenue the Smart Way

Most visitors to your site aren’t ready to buy, but advanced tools can mean your team spends less time on prospecting and more time focusing on the right leads. Audience segmentation, lead nurturing, and automation tools help push visitors though an optimized sales funnel by establishing your business as the logical first choice to meet their needs. This creates a better buyer experience and sets the foundation for a loyal, returning customer base.

Choose Success for Your Business

I wrote Mastering Online Marketing to help small and mid-sized businesses learn the basics of how to set up and run an automated marketing system. Now with my consulting services, I bring the latest developments and trends to your company to supercharge your online campaigns. I use a carefully configured collection of automation software and other specialized tools to make your marketing channels work together, so you can focus on converting your leads and making the sale.

Click here to learn more about my consulting services, and get in touch today to begin transforming your online marketing strategy.

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ai marketing automation

Praise for Mastering Online Marketing:

Must-Have Marketing Book

5 5 1
This book is great

Well Worth The Investment !

5 5 1
A wonderful marketing resource for newbies and even experienced sellers

A Comprehensive Treatise

5 5 1
I just want to say that it is the most comprehensive treatise on marketing on the Internet that I have read

0 to fast in no time

4 5 1
I'd say this is a must read for marketers and non marketers

Really good investment of your time and (minimal) money

5 5 1
If you start at the beginning and work your way through to the end, like I did, you will have an excellent blueprint for a better online presence

Life Preserver for the Tidal Wave of Change

5 5 1
He has brilliantly summarized the evolution of online marketing, and provided convincing background about each step of the timetable in language that even someone with no marketing experience can understand

Excellent Introductory Text for Online and Digital Marketing

5 5 1
I would definitely recommend this book for marketing managers trying to understand the digital world better, entrepreneurs writing their business or marketing plans, and small business owners who want to take full advantage of digital marketing methods.

A Detailed Crash Course in Online Marketing -Easy to Read and Follow

5 5 1
Buy the book, you won't be disappointed.

Great read

5 5 1
This is a very elaborate book about marketing strategies online