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Use AI for Nonprofit Fundraising from Individual Donors

Artificial intelligence enters every part of business and marketing, including fundraising for nonprofit organizations. One company active in this space is Arjuna Solutions, focusing on revenue optimization. I had a discussion with Adam Treiser (CEO) and Michael Gorriarán (SVP) from Arjuna Solutions, to understand better how AI can be used in nonprofit fundraising. Adam Treiser, [...]

Multi-Channel Marketing Personalization with AI

Many personalization tools are designed to work in one channel only. This restricts the creativity of marketers and, most importantly, can cause an inconsistent customer experience across email, SMS, mobile, web, offline and IoT devices. Emarsys offer AI-based software solutions addressing this problem. I got to discuss their solution with Lindsay Tjepkema, the Global Head of Content [...]

Retail Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

The retail industry is under pressure, and AI-based marketing solutions can come to help. New tools offering personalization and a 360-degree view across all channels and touchpoints can make marketing outreach much more relevant for retailers. Ometria is a company offering this type of solution. I discussed their solution with Ivan Mazour, the CEO and [...]

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Use AI-Powered Behavioral Psychology in E-commerce

In a data-driven world, companies already have demographic, behavioral, and transactional data at their disposal, but they are often missing information regarding the motivation and personality of their shoppers. By analyzing shoppers’ behavior (e.g., click-through, add-to-cart, and check out data) in response to specific persuasive messaging, it is possible to collect psychographic data that explains [...]

Social Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to conduct large-scale research and analysis of social media, online news sites, blogs and forums? Modern AI tools can analyze social data across a wide variety of categories including social engagement level, sentiment, demographics, location, and more. With this type of machine-learning tools, companies can get the information they need to protect [...]

Optimize Marketing Campaigns with AI

AI can profoundly transform how marketing campaigns are executed. With new machine-learning tools, you can create marketing campaigns that listens and adapts automatically to audiences to improve performance. Tools can hyper-personalize the messaging using dynamic content, adapt email send times, and more. is a company offering solutions with these capabilities. I discussed their solution with David [...]

Use AI for Better Attribution Modeling

In digital marketing, it is sometimes difficult to understand what touch-points and marketing investments contributed to a conversion. This is where attribution modeling comes into the picture, and there are now tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the attribution modeling. CUBED is one such attribution platform, and they work with enterprise [...]