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Unemyr.TV #1: The Digital Maturity Model for Sales and Marketing

In episode #1 of Unemyr.TV - a video channel on marketing automation and marketing with AI - I discuss a maturity model for marketing and sales teams. Watch the video and learn more on how companies can automate their sales and marketing processes, by moving from just using a traditional CRM system, to using marketing [...]

Use AI to Improve Media Monitoring and Intelligence

In the digital world of today, it is impossible to manually monitor all online conversations that is relevant to your business. But with AI-based media monitoring tools, it becomes possible to monitor the world around you. One of the companies active in the media monitoring and intelligence space is Meltwater with multiple products for PR-professionals, marketers [...]

Autonomous Marketing [AI in Business]

Marketing is becoming increasingly autonomous, meaning more and more of the touchpoints with consumers are created or managed by an automated system without direct human intervention. On its own, this isn’t new. We’ve had it for a while with marketing automation systems like HubSpot or Pardot that could nurture leads automatically and personalize content at [...]

Marketing goals and KPIs

In the age of advanced marketing technology, like marketing automation systems and AI-powered predictive marketing, it is easy to forget the basics. Before spending time and money on advanced Internet marketing strategies, you should be entirely clear on what your objectives are. This may be obvious, but how to set this up may not be. [...]

How do you Deploy your AI Solution?

With custom AI solutions becoming increasingly common in many companies, one might ask: "How do I deploy my machine learning models in production use?". There are many solutions to this problem, including hosting the machine learning solution using a company called Seldon. In this blog post, I interview Andrew Turner, Business Development Manager at Seldon. [...]

Use AI for Nonprofit Fundraising from Individual Donors

Artificial intelligence enters every part of business and marketing, including fundraising for nonprofit organizations. One company active in this space is Arjuna Solutions, focusing on revenue optimization. I had a discussion with Adam Treiser (CEO) and Michael Gorriarán (SVP) from Arjuna Solutions, to understand better how AI can be used in nonprofit fundraising. Adam Treiser, [...]

Multi-Channel Marketing Personalization with AI

Many personalization tools are designed to work in one channel only. This restricts the creativity of marketers and, most importantly, can cause an inconsistent customer experience across email, SMS, mobile, web, offline and IoT devices. Emarsys offer AI-based software solutions addressing this problem. I got to discuss their solution with Lindsay Tjepkema, the Global Head of Content [...]