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Inbound marketing is a new way of conceptualizing your company’s interaction with potential customers, and those who understand it are poised to take a giant leap ahead of their competition. Rather than pushing a product broadly and blindly, the inbound mentality is about helping people understand and obtain what they need on an individual basis. By treating each customer as a unique person, you increase your sales potential, build a strong ongoing relationship, and establish your company as an authority in you industry.

A professionally designed inbound marketing strategy is the most effective way to attract today’s customers. This approach has been shown by HubSpot to produce 54% more leads than conventional systems, and can drastically improve the quality of your potential customers to increase conversation and help your sales team be more effective. My service will help you attract an audience, convert them to quality leads, and close the deal using an optimized sales funnel customized to your business. I use an integrated collection of the latest software automation and conversion tools to make your marketing campaigns connect with your audience and turn them into engaged customers.

Sticking with your existing marketing strategy means your message can be lost in the noise of today’s fast-paced world. Write to me today to learn how you can transform your online marketing and stay ahead of the pack.

Why Me?

As a marketing technologist, tech writer, and public speaker, I live and breathe the latest trends in online promotion. I have over twenty years of experience using cutting-edge tools for promotion, as vice president of sales and marketing at an international firm, and speaking at industry conferences around the world.

I am also the author of Mastering Online Marketing, an essential introduction and reference to building a world-class online marketing system using today’s best tools. I know the industry, and understand the best ways to amplify your company’s marketing strategy. Click here to learn more about my history and experience.

How Can I Help?

I use innovative and effective marketing systems to give your company a competitive edge. I begin by analysing your current system, including your website, blog, and associated social media accounts. From there, we develop a personalized strategy using the right tools for your business.

The first step is to attract visitors using new traffic generation techniques aimed at improving lead generation though targeted sales funnels. Your anonymous website visitors are then converted into leads using strategic content, lead magnets, call-to-action buttons, and landing page registration forms.

Leads are nurtured toward purchases using automated email sequences and trust-building educational content that position your company as the thought leader and go-to choice for customers in your industry. This includes personalized outreach using adaptive content and lead scoring to ensure the right message hits every applicable demographic. My job is to use the latest tools to automate this system and optimize your lead conversion.

After the initial setup, your system will run around the clock with minimal maintenance to bring a constant stream of traffic to your site. Software robots will intelligently recycle your highest-performing content, including tweets and Facebook posts, to give them the greatest impact. The result is quality leads in your sales funnel to give your team the highest chance of making a sale.

Most of this integrated system runs through the cloud and is independent of your website. While some aspects will affect your site design, like establishing a company blog if one does not exist, most of the tools will run independent of your existing platforms. I use industry-leading platforms like HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and ActiveCampaign to manage precise, streamlined marketing campaigns without relying on your existing hosting and processing systems. These platforms include options like cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine leaning techniques that can make your system a success without the need for constant maintenance.

The potential in automated inbound marketing is game changing, and my services can help you make the most of the latest tools and trends. You will be amazed at how easy this system is to run and the remarkable increases in lead conversion it can create.

Get in touch today to book a consultation and learn more about how I can help your company.

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