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Here, I’m speaking at a conference on marketing with artificial intelligence


As a marketing technologist, tech writer, and public speaker, I live and breathe the latest trends in online promotion. I have over twenty years of experience using cutting-edge tools for promotion, as vice president of sales and marketing at an international firm, and speaking at industry conferences around the world.

I am also the author of Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial intelligence, the definitive guide to understanding and using AI in marketing, and Mastering Online Marketing, an essential introduction and reference to building a world-class online marketing system. I also wrote a book on the Internet-of-Things. I know the industry, and understand the best ways to amplify your company’s marketing strategy. Click here to learn more about my history and experience.

So how can I help you? My services are organized into three areas: Management Advisory Services, Marketing Program Consulting and Custom AI Development. I work with my clients to find the best blend of these services for their situation and budget.

Management Advisory Services

In this role I serve as consulting chief marketing officer or digital marketing manager to advise boards and management teams on how to envision and enable a digital transformation strategy for the company.

Often, senior managers are aware of the types of changes they want to make but need a trusted senior advisor to help navigate the process. Digital transformation can mean different things to different companies. I have the experience to help you conceive and implement the right digital strategy for your industry and company situation.

My approach involves a detailed assessment of your current go-to-market and product strategies with recommendations on digital improvements, employee development and hiring and tools implementation.

Marketing Program Consulting

Here I work with your marketing department to analyze the current program and make recommendations on how to implement a data-driven marketing program. I use innovative and effective marketing systems to give your company a competitive edge. Some of the areas of particular focus would be:

  • Marketing automation and AI tools strategy
  • Content strategy development
  • Optimizing conversion ratio

I begin by analyzing your current system, including your website, blog, and associated social media accounts. From there, I develop a personalized strategy using the right tools for your business using strategic content, lead magnets, call-to-action buttons, and landing page registration forms.

Leads are nurtured toward purchases using automated email sequences and trust-building educational content that position your company as the thought leader and go-to choice for customers in your industry. This includes personalized outreach using adaptive content and lead scoring to ensure the right message hits every applicable demographic. My job is to use the latest tools to automate this system and optimize your lead conversion.

After the initial setup, your system will run around the clock with minimal maintenance to bring a constant stream of traffic to your site. Software robots will intelligently recycle your highest-performing content, including tweets and Facebook posts, to give them the greatest impact. The result is quality leads in your sales funnel to give your team the highest chance of making a sale.

Custom AI Software Development

In some cases there are existing AI and machine learning tools that can meet your needs with minor adaptation. However some of my clients need custom development AI solutions for their business. This can range from chatbot development to specialized machine learning systems. My background in software development and project management allows me to add significant value in this area.

I apply a standardize software development process that includes requirements analysis, system flow charts, coding, testing and deployment.

Central to the deployment of machine learning systems, especially in the early stages, is human analysis of the machine learning decisions. Once the system is stable and running there is still a monitoring phase to make sure the system continues to learn and evolve as more data is processed.

Get in touch today to book a consultation and learn more about how I can help your company.

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