Artificial intelligence

Optimize Marketing Campaigns with AI

AI can profoundly transform how marketing campaigns are executed. With new machine-learning tools, you can create marketing campaigns that listens and adapts automatically to audiences to improve performance. Tools can hyper-personalize the messaging using dynamic content, adapt email send times, and more. is a company offering solutions with these capabilities. I discussed their solution with David [...]

Use AI for Better Attribution Modeling

In digital marketing, it is sometimes difficult to understand what touch-points and marketing investments contributed to a conversion. This is where attribution modeling comes into the picture, and there are now tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the attribution modeling. CUBED is one such attribution platform, and they work with enterprise [...]

Determine Purchase Intent with Predictive Lead Scoring

Would you like to know who is most likely going to purchase your product or service, thus making your marketing and sales efforts more efficient? With predictive lead scoring, AI technologies can be used to predict purchase intent automatically. Infer from Ignite Technologies is a predictive lead scoring solution that does this, and I was fortunate [...]

Improve Your Content Marketing With AI

There is an overabundance of information but a shortage of attention; your content might thus be drowning in noise. Why not use artificial intelligence in your content marketing efforts to understand exactly how to write to cover a topic comprehensively, for improved reader engagement and SEO results? With new AI tools, marketers can create better content and [...]

Automatic Generation of Marketing Narratives Using AI (NLG)

Wouldn't automatic generation of natural-sounding text from raw data simplify many work-tasks? The applications are endless, from robot journalism to automatic generation and uploading of thousands of product descriptions to eCommerce systems, generation of business reports, and much more. Narrative Science is a company that offers an AI-powered product that converts data to human-sounding narrative. [...]

Sales Prospecting and Relationship Intelligence With AI

With relationship intelligence tools based on artificial intelligence, you can find new customers and get insights into the relationship strength your company has with customers. is a company that enables businesses to access new target accounts through their extended network and to analyze deal risk through precise relationship strength measurement. I got the opportunity [...]