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Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

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Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence is the definitive guide to understanding and using AI in marketing. It is essential reading for corporate and marketing leaders, and anyone seeking to understand how artificial intelligence will lead us into the world of tomorrow.

Featuring discussions with dozens of industry leaders, it provides both an overview of how AI will continue to affect online marketing, and details of how to implement these new tools into your business.

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Mastering Online Marketing

Mastering Online Marketing provides an in-depth look into state-of-the-art Internet marketing techniques. It covers a thorough introduction to Internet marketing and reveals the secrets of content marketing, traffic generation, lead conversion, advanced marketing automation systems, and visitor profiling and tracking.

After reading this book, you will have a complete understanding of advanced Internet marketing concepts, including tools and approaches you never thought possible. Read it now and become an Internet marketing expert!

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The Internet of Things – The Next Industrial Revolution Has Begun

The Internet of Things is driving the next industrial revolution, along with advanced data analysis methods like artificial intelligence that are now coming into use. Fifty billion products are expected to be Internet-connected by 2020, profoundly changing how the world works.

Do you want to understand the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, predictive analytics and machine learning, how these technologies work, and what they have to do with each other?

This book explains these subjects in an easy to understand manner, providing new insights into these disruptive technologies and how they will change the way billions of people live their lives.

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Turn Your Knowledge and Skills Into a Profitable Online Business

This eBook teaches you Internet marketing basics like how to get traffic to your website, how to get the contact information from your website visitors and grow an email list, and how to monetize your knowledge by selling digital information products.

Learn how to find a profitable niche that suits your skill-set, to grow your audience, and build an online platform to sell your skills and knowledge.

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eBooks and Beyond

This eBook teaches you how to create and promote digital information products using your own marketing platform, and how to sell your knowledge at a premium price using a sales funnel with products at different price points.

With the information shared in this book, you can become an online entrepreneur running a profitable business selling your own digital information products, from your first eBook to a complete training course.

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