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About me

Hi! I’m Magnus Unemyr, a marketing automation and artificial intelligence specialist, author, and speaker. I’m based in Sweden but work internationally and have given talks around the world on software development and digital marketing.

My 25 years of experience includes senior positions in the global software arena including vice president of sales and marketing, product manager, product marketing manager, project manager and software developer. I also co-founded a successful software tools company.

Over the past few years, I have focused on creating leading edge marketing strategies using some of the world’s most advanced marketing automation tools. These tools can dramatically increase the capacity of small and mid-sized businesses to establish a global brand presence, increase leads and conversions, and dramatically amplify their marketing efforts.

My passion is in creating well-oiled marketing machinery to generate valuable lead generation, strengthen each step of the sales funnel, and make companies the go-to choice in their industries.

My knowledge and experience in software development, marketing automation and AI places me in a unique position to assist other companies in using these tools to improve customer interactions and grow revenue. I have seen for myself, in my own experience, how automation and augmented intelligence tools can amplify brand awareness, dramatically improve customer nurture and grow sales.

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On my Martech blog, I share my passion for Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Find all the latest content to help you on your journey towards having an optimized business machine!


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